Top Techy Ways to Help Japan

Top Techy Ways to Help Japan

Japan Earthquake 2011The catastrophe that destroyed the Japanese coastal areas with an earthquake and tsunami rocked the entire world. Amidst all the chaos happening around the globe, this particular disaster left everyone in awe. The good thing, if any, about the situation is that we now have the technology to reach out and help despite distance and differences. What is more inspiring is the discipline and sense of community the Japanese people have shown these past days. Google started the ball rolling by creating a people finder and other companies are also putting in their efforts to help. Exercise the power of your mouse and keyboard with these top techy ways to help the country that has given us some of the best electronics.

  • Red Cross Text/Facebook Donate – The American Red Cross launched a text campaign geared towards raising funds to help Japan. People only need to text the number 90999 with the message REDCROSS to donate $10 for the humanitarian efforts in Japan. Facebook users can go to the Red Cross verified Causes page and can donate anywhere from $10 to $500 to help the affected families.
  • Give an iTunes donation – Apple has taken a step to help in the fundraising efforts by setting up a donation page where people can donate $5 to $200 charged to their credit card linked to their iTunes accounts. Funds raised will also be going to the American Red Cross to assist the victims of the disaster.
  • Dog Bless You – techies that gathered in the SXSW in Austin were challenged by’s Charlie Weingarten to help Japan. The dog lover pledged to give $1 for each Like on their Facebook page Dog Bless You for as much as a hundred thousand. Techies responded by swarming over the page an in a matter of 2 days the page now has 141 thousand likes and counting.
  • Groupon Donations – the number one deal company has set aside deals to give way to donation efforts last Friday evening. The company posted an offer that lets customers donate $5 to $25 in support of International Medical Corp’s Japanese emergency relief operations.
  • Help Japan with Hello Bar – for the techier crowd, Hello Bar has created a bit of code that bloggers and website owners can add to their site. This widget will add a slim bar on top of the website with a short message to help Japan as well as a donation link. This will help spread the word so that people who want to help out can get access.

There are other ways such as tweeting and posting for a cause through HelpAttack and many other organizations. While these technological humanitarian efforts help bring the world together in a greater sense of community, we as techies should still exercise caution and stick to well-known legitimate sites. Despite tragedies, we must keep in mind that cyber criminals never sleep and could easily take advantage of this situation.

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